Welcome to the exciting world of hypnosis

rainbowWe developed Higher Perspectives to educate people about Hypnotherapy and the intrinsic link between the signals in the brain and the body.

We are here to provide you with a service, it may be that you are thinking about hypnosis for the first time, or have tried it before with limited success.

We often hear clients admit that hypnosis is the last resort to resolve long standing issues, and as nothing seems to have worked, they were prepared to give it a go!

Although it maybe difficult to believe, after therapy they often say, they wish they had tried it first. Whether looking for information about hypnosis, trying to find out more about a condition such as reducing Anxiety and Stress or just browsing the internet out of interest. We are confident you will find all you need within this website.

Each individual is unique, and therefore techniques may vary as well as treatment plans. We, at Higher Perspectives always recommend a FREE Initial consultation, to enable you to decide if the treatment plan discussed would be right for you. In addition to establish if the Therapist is the right one, and someone that you could be comfortable working with. Its then up to our Therapists to step into your world and see things from your perspective, ensuring a better understanding of your personal experiences, goals and aims for success.

You can contact us on the contact page, via email, via text or by phone, we are always happy to have a chat about your goals.

We use a variety of techniques from the old traditional methods of positive based suggestions, through to more advanced techniques such as:

  • NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Art Therapy
  • EFT, Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Matrix reprinting
  • Re-verification techniques, some body energy work and creative imagery

All of these tools increase our effectiveness and are at our disposal. Generally a hypnotherapist is known for helping with the known conditions, such as nail biting, losing weight, smoking cessation and phobias.

For us at Higher Perspectives, the mind and body are inseparable, this tells you that you have some very powerful chemicals being released. We look at the overall picture of mind and body, from a health perspective.

Memory plays a key part in all of this as the body has cellular memory, and your mind holds memories which relate to experiences good or bad, that will affect you throughout your life, from childhood upwards. Perhaps you had a scare over something as a child, if faced with the same or similar situation you may get butterflies or an anxious feeling in the tummy, no one taught your body to respond it just did naturally!

What is therefore important, is putting together a successful treatment plan based on your life experiences, how you view the world, patterns of your behaviour, both conscious and unconscious and of course your resources.

Welcome to our world of positive emotional intelligence, its an exciting journey and one that will help you have the life that you want.