About Jacqui Maclean

Jacqui Maclean set up Higher Perspectives 15 years ago

She promotes health and wellbeing by working to change emotional states.

Higher Perspectives Ltd and Higher Perspectives Training have undergone a transformation in recent years to incorporate a more holistic approach combining Counselling, Psychotherapy, Art Therapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Matrix Re-Imprinting.

The company continues to develop more advanced training programs for Therapists to enhance skills. Higher Perspectives is based at an NHS Surgery and runs workshops on how to relief stress and combat insomnia and anxiety within the NHS. Higher Perspectives works with the surgery to promote well being and supports patients who require Hypnotherapy and EFT services.

Having built a solid reputations as being both friendly and professional Higher Perspectives is known for providing a quality service with a creative blend of therapies which incorporate conscious processes, changes to subconscious patterns, working with behaviours and powerful emotions held in both mind and body, to promote positive and long lasting changes.

Based in West Sussex, Higher Perspectives only supports tried and tested methods combined with creative techniques which assists clients to develop skills to facilitate their own transformation, which is both exciting and empowering.

Jacqui Maclean runs the company and holds a Diploma in Brief solution focused Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy with Uncommon Knowledge, a Diploma in personal and professional study of human potential, behaviour and group dynamics with Insight Seminars, and a certificated 3 year training course in Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Counselling, with The Transpersonal Psychology Study Centre.

New to the UK is advanced EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting work which uses the basic EFT principles and combines them with the latest metaphysics practitioner training of energy work. Re-imprinting previous traumas with new associations and removing energy trauma from the body, to help facilitate a calmer experience of life, and a healthier body.  Adding to this, she is an accredited practitioner with the central register of stop smoking therapists, and holds certificates in Advanced Masterclass therapy with working with Children, and advanced Regression and past life regression Techniques.

Jacqui spent over 25 years in the corporate world, before moving across to the exciting world of complementary therapies, through various Personal development training seminars and courses such as Insight Seminars and Anthony Robbins, she began to discover the true potential and power of the subconscious. She completely transformed her life with the skills learnt, and began to develop her own unique brand of therapy, which her clients have found both inspiring and life changing.

Now running fully established practices in both West Sussex and Surrey, Jacqui splits her time between 2 busy private practice clinics and facilitating seminars to support education on the power of the unconscious.

In addition she teaches Post Graduate Diploma courses for students, in hypnotherapy and counselling skills, having worked with Chrysalis courses for over 9 years. Jacqui is now developing her own unique training programs, She is a Master Trainer with AAMET and trains therapist how to combine existing practice with  EFT Accredited AAMET Courses.

Often featured on local radio stations and writing regular featured editorials in the local papers, Jacqui continues to develop her skills with advanced training and bringing onboard new therapies to support her work in successfully treating both simple conditions such as habits and phobias to the more complex world of Childhood Trauma, Low Self Esteem and Panic attacks.

She specialises in Trauma, anxiety, panic attacks and PTSD, with both adults and children

She is accredited with all the main governing bodies (see affiliations), and is running advanced workshops for qualified hypnotherapy practitioners.