Habits & Addictions

habits addictionsCaffeine is now this countries (UK) most addictive substance, whether you want to learn about its affects or simply rid yourself of it you are at the right place.

Habits can take many forms but the definition is that it is not always a conscious decision to do it. Whether its biting nails, over eating or smoking, there is a tailor made treatment plan working with you and your goals. Sometimes that one drink to relax ends up with 2 or 3 or more, hypnosis can change the pattern.

Habits are easier to break as they are actions we complete to reduce anxiety which have set up. At an early age nail biting is acceptable but unfortunately the habit gets buried within our subconscious which means we are not always aware we are running the habit. When we make it conscious behaviour your thoughts become aware, we can change the pattern by scrambling the old and imbedding a new healthy pattern and hypnotically rehearse it. After all the brain doesn’t know if a dream is real or not so will not know the difference between actually being in place and being hypnotically rehearsed.

  • Fear of Flying
  • Agoraphobia
  • Fear of Heights / lifts / escalators
  • Arachnophobia
  • Fear of motorway driving
  • Fear of buttons/feathers/materials/cotton wool

Replacing habits with alternative actions to reduce stress and anxiety is simple, however addictions can be a little more complex, as we are now in relationship to the habit. it becomes a very important part of our lives and we release certain chemicals that make positive associations when we are acting them out.

We then have to change the associations so your powerful mind turns against the addiction as something that now controls you, bullies you and takes you choice away. The subconscious likes to have a sense of control at all times in order to feel safe and therefore can turn against the addictive pattern you wish to change.