Regression – what is it and how does it work ?

regressionRegression is a process by which the Therapist takes you back to a time when the event has occured. Everything becomes clear, what you were wearing, what happened, who was there. During this process the Client is always safe and in control. If the event or scene is too distressing the Client can be instructed to go back in time as an Observer, rather than ‘in’ the event. All memory is a personalised version of the event and may be distorted to a degree.

However the importance is the sense of the emotions during that specific time.

The primary function of revisiting past events in this way is to allow therapuetic intervention by the person as adult. Thereby empowering the childlike part to be safe, secure and released from the past. During this process the adult self with take back empowering behaviours, traits and experience to heal the past.

This can be achieved through Gestalt, Inner Child Work and Self Esteem building.

A powerful tool which when used with experience can give the Client valuable insights into the child and behaviour patterns that have remained in place since that time. Safety is a top priority and trust between Therapist and Client Paramount.

Regression would normally only be undertaken as part of an overall treatment plan and not in isolation.

The key note of importance is that the sub conscious is designed to keep us safe and will not uncover anything that may compromise this position.