Weight Loss – Virtual Gastric Band Therapy

gastric bypassBariatric Surgery is performed on the clinically obese, specifically those with a BMI over +40. This is usually offered to patients who have tried a variety of weight loss programmes but remain clinically obese. Potentially causing high risks to client health and potential decrease life expectancy. health risks include high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

Before surgery is undertaken usually the patient is expected to undergo a weight loss regime in order to reduce weight, reduce risks associated with surgery and to improve speed of recovery. In a recent report 21 March 2011, Jacque Himpens MD of the European School of Laparoscopic Surgery stated that ‘adjustable gastric band surgery, has relatively poor long term outcomes’, according to his recent study. He goes on to report that ‘Surgery is not the answer to reducing obesity. It has a part to play, but we should focus on changing behaviour patterns to reduce the amount of intake of food.’

The surgery consists of a Lap band being applied to the upper part of the stomach to reduce the aperture. It has a tube which connects to an access port on the surface of the skin. After surgery the band can be adjusted through the access port and fluid to inflate or deflate the lap -band can take place depending if the band needs tightening or loosening.

Costs for this procedure vary but can range between £7000 – £4950 depending on where the procedure is carried out.

How does Virtual Gastric Band Therapy Work?

weight lossFirstly you would attend a FREE Consultation – This is to ensure that VGBT is the right approach and this type of therapy will be affective for you.

There is a 5 stage process, the sessions are an hour long and are structured in such a way to support virtual pre and post op therapy.

You are weighed and goals are set – It is expected that after sessions 1 and 2 you will be experiencing a healthy weight loss of between 1 – 2lbs per week.

A food and mood chart will be completed by you for the duration of the therapy.

A number of CDs will be provided and these will be used by you over the therapy sessions.

Session 3 Hypnosis for The Virtual Gastric Band Surgery will be given, subject to consistent weight loss being achieved after the first 2 sessions. If target weight loss has not been achieved a further week will be added and the Virtual Surgery will be delayed.

Session 4 Post op and motivation hypnosis will then be applied

Session 5 Self Esteem building and continued weight loss reinforced, and completion process of therapy.

Top ups can be discussed and arranged and associated costs discussed.

If other issues present during any of this process and work needs to be undertaken, the VGBT may be put on hold, pending resolution of these issues, and once resolved, the VGBT work can then continue.

If this is the case either during the consultation or later during the VGBT process, and other work requires attention, associated costs will be agreed prior to any further work being undertaken.

Virtual Gastric Band Therapy Cost £395.00 inclusive of all 5 sessions, handouts and CD’s.


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