Weight control or out of control?

weight controlHigher Perspectives can help you control your food and manage your weight, have you tried lots of diets and most have failed in the long term. Hypnotherapy is a fantastic way of changing how you think and feel about food. Why do diets help you to lose those pounds only to put them back on and some?

Diets are another thing that controls what and how you eat. The focus becomes what you can and cant have. The brain is simple, it does not like having things it likes taken away, if you take something away you have to replace it with something else. Otherwise the thing that is taken away, chocolate, cakes or sweets become a focus for the subconscious mind. It will crave the food you most want to avoid. Eventually over all will power and conscious rational argument, the more powerful subconscious will win ! The diet is broken or even worse becomes a way of giving you a hard time that you will never be successful in being the size and shape you most want to be.

We will look to set up a treatment plan to look at changing patterns and relationship to food, changing your belief about yourself and making food just something you do for energy and when you are hungry. You will have a feeling of freedom from thinking and day dreaming about foods.

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