Driving Test & Exam Nerves

driving testMany Clients come for confidence for a particular task such as public speaking or taking a driving test. Hypnosis works to reduce anxiety associated with the event and to build a belief through hypnotic rehearsal that you have already done it, therefore its easy on the day to sit calmly and take the test pulling on all your resources to assist you.

Sometimes we can give you an anchor which could be the steering wheel, suggestions are made that the steering wheel will recreate confident feelings, taking any stress and anxiety away.

One client came after failing 9 tests, she remembered a time when she was confident and we just applied that to her current predicament.

She was given a CD to listen to, just prior to taking her 10th driving test and passed with flying colours!

Exam nerves are another area that can be successfully treated, many young students feel anxious, cannot sleep or focus on the exam or test and no matter how long they study the information does not get embedded.

Can you imagine the feeling to be calm and collected on the day, nothing that phases you or puts you under pressure, Just calmness and focus for the day.