Flow State for Sports

Where your focus goes your energy flows

flow state golfWhen we are in natural flow whether that is in conversation, daydreaming or doing something automatically, things appear easier, they have a natural order and do not take up a lot of time. When we are not, things are much harder, we can struggle to achieve our goals and aims and get caught in unhelpful thoughts and feelings. Natural flow does not require a lot of effort, and comes naturally to us. The subconscious mind is a powerful store house of all our learnings and experience through life. Once we let go of trying to control the outcome of things and  get a sense of being calm and in flow, it works!

This is evident when you look at sportsmen and women once focussed nothing else matters, they are not distracted from the goal. Their mind is focussed on just one thing………. winning.

If you are a sportsperson, footballer, golfter or athlete, you understand this state and if you are the top of your game, you can recreate it at will.

When competing however, nerves and outside distractions can hijack you out of flow state, creating a block, and this can impact performance.

You will have trained and practised your art for many hours until you can effectively action it without even thinking. The mind and body are connected as one and nothing gets in the way, except nerves and self doubt..

If you have experienced negative programming, perhaps having failed,  or believing you cannot win, then this will interrupt the natural flow state causing the muscles of the body to respond in a different way.

When you work with hypnosis you will learn why the bad habit has imbedded, we will work to identify exactly what happens through repetition, and then create a flow state. Acting this out will then enable the mind and body to reconnect, remembering the patterns and recreating them. The final piece of work would be to pull on previous successes and project them into the future. Creating that confidence and natural flow, there is nothing else but a focussed approach to winning.

Be a successful competitor call today and find out how therapy can help you achieve your goals!