Higher Perspectives Training was fully established in 2012 and offers Therapists a variety of advanced training courses in mind and body therapies. These include a number of recognised training courses delivered by accredited and established Tutors and Trainers in the industry.

HP Training has been delivering AAMET (The Association of the Advancement of Meridian and Energy Therapies) Accredited Courses for the past 2 years leading to AAMET practitioner and advanced practitioner Accreditation.

There are various training courses available, courses on Self Hypnosis for better quality sleep down to reducing stress. We also run some advance workshops and training days to enhance a Therapists portfolio of techniques.

It is easy to develop skills to help faciliate your own experience. For more information please contact us. You can change your sleep patterns making getting off to sleep easy and also ensure you stay asleep, you can change any fears you have and can apply these skills to other areas such as eliminating habits of eating bad foods or shifting emotions.

There are a number of advanced training programmes with training days and workshops in Working with Trauma, Art Therapy as well as Working with Children Through Play and Hypnosis.

HP also runs CPD (continued professional development) training courses for The Hypnotherapy Society and The Hypnotherapy Association, helping to develop skills by learning the science and methodology to deliver a high standard of advanced techniques to Client base work.

The training programme runs throughout the year and includes Supervision Groups, Modular Advanced Training Programmes and Creative Therapies. Energy Therapy training is also available with both learning and practical application which is combined with plenty of demonstrations, group discussions and participation.

Other Trainers regularly run featured training such as Creative Art Therapy, Meta Health, Working with Children and Theta Healing.

For more information and to explore our current Training courses, please click here